Why You Need Professional Cleaning Services Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Not only is it professional and a legal requirement, but it is also humanitarian to keep everyone around you safe. As a business or organization, the safety of all workers is paramount. A clean and safe working environment is owed to the employees.

Under normal circumstances, there is normally an influx of individuals from different places and all walks of life convening in one place or building. The risk, therefore, is not only what is brought in—but what people take home with them. It could be mold, asbestos, bacteria, or more recently prevalent viruses.

In the home, professional cleaning services are essential. Individuals may do a good job of making the house look clean, but thorough cleanliness goes much deeper. You may go as far as trying to disinfect the home but some frequently touched surface will likely be forgotten.

Young children and the elderly are easily susceptible to disease and infections if proper cleaning standards are not met. As such, it would grant you great peace of mind getting the best professional cleaning services in Dallas, Texas.

The COVID-19 Effect – A Devastating Reality

The need for professional disinfecting services has been compounded by the viral pandemic that is currently plaguing the world. The coronavirus has spread far and wide affecting millions of people in the world.

The CDC details that the inter-personal spread of the virus happens in close contact—which is about 6 feet—via respiratory droplets. It can also be spread by coming into contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus. Regular and consistent disinfecting thus becomes a necessity both at home and in the workplace.

The virus has had a crippling effect on the economy with only the essential service workers being allowed to go to work. However, slowly but surely, more and more businesses are re-opening and more people are traveling to work.

As a business owner, it’s your duty to ensure that the workplace is COVID-free. As an employee, you need the assurance that you’re going to a safe work environment and that your home remains safe for your loved ones.

Best Practice When Cleaning and Disinfecting

Proper cleaning and disinfecting routines are important in maintaining safe environments. It is known that the coronavirus may stay viable on certain surfaces for hours or days. For this reason, proper sanitation should be the norm—not just a one-time exercise.

Cleaning is only half of the job—but it should always come first. It involves the removal of impurities (dust, germs) from surfaces without necessarily killing them. Disinfecting comes after cleaning—whereby chemicals (EPA-registered disinfectants) are used to kill the germs/ viruses.

Key targets of this process are the most frequently touched surfaces like tables and desks, general home and office equipment like computers and printers, fridges and microwaves. Surfaces like light switches, door handles, toilets, taps, and faucets.

Professional Considerations

There are considerations to be made that make professional disinfecting services necessary. Taking the example of an industrial facility, factors surrounding the ventilation system like the design, inflows and outlets, room sizes, etc. determine the approach to be taken.

Professional disinfecting services will also know the best CDC-approved, EPA-registered disinfectants to use for maximum results. The safe and effective use of these disinfectants is also a factor to be considered. Professional cleaners put on full personal protective equipment.

While cleaning surfaces and equipment—especially electronics—professional cleaning and disinfecting services will take the worry of damaging the equipment off your hands. I.e., the manufacturer instructions are followed to the letter.

Personal Responsibility

As effective as cleaning is, personal hygiene measures are equally as important. You should always keep a safe distance, wear a mask when going outside, and sanitize as frequently as possible. Government guidelines and instructions, like coughing into your elbow, should be followed at all times for the safety of those around you.

Get Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

It’s a necessity to constantly clean and disinfect commercial businesses. Taking it upon yourself to clean and disinfect your business premises not only puts your safety at risk—but also eats away at hours that could have been used for productive business activities.

In-house cleaners may not be well versed in the proper sanitation methods required for commercial premises. Therefore, outsourcing to a professional service provider to not only clean but thoroughly disinfect the premises will prove a great decision in the long run.

Cleanliness is important whether you’re in a pandemic or not. Sparkle Solutions works with you to determine the best routine for your home and work with your needs and budget in mind. We offer the best disinfecting services in Texas and Baton Rouge with the promise of quality and professionalism, allowing you to continue with your work—worry-free.

We ensure compliance with all government guidelines—regarding Covid-19 and beyond. We understand the dynamics of the situation and strive to provide peace of mind to your employees—whether it’s about coming to work every day, or ensuring that they are keeping their loved ones safe when they go back home at the end of every shift. Let us help you welcome back your staff to a clean and safe environment.

Stay safe. Clean. Disinfect.

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