Our Services

Sparkle Solutions offers customized, commercial cleaning and disinfectant services for commercial properties with expertise in:

Office buildings
We help you provide a clean and safe working environment, improving the overall productivity of your employees. We have thorough methodologies, superior products, and equipment that clean all surfaces while maintaining the pristine look of your office space. We take great care of all electronic equipment and storage areas and ensure a clean elevator ride.

We understand the ins and outs of casinos, and align our service towards making sure that every surface is clean. We disinfect the machines, touched by numerous people throughout the day. We clean the tables and counters, which have multiple guests and spectators at any one time. We disinfect the decks, chips, and all on-premise offices as per the client’s requirements.

Warehouses Warehouses have a lot of goods from all over coming in for storage. The risk is on the workers receiving the goods, the workers in the storage area, and those in logistics. We work with warehouse owners to ensure the safety of goods and workers at that point in the supply chain.

Industrial complexes Manufacturing products means a lot of impurities, both in the air and on the hundreds of surfaces all over the complex. We offer a thorough cleaning routine of the surfaces and back-office spaces. We do this in a manner that does not interfere with any of the in-house processes.


Day care facilities
Day care facilities are extra sensitive and require extra care. We, in our professional capacity, offer cleaning and disinfecting in a way that is not harmful to the young children, ensuring that neither germs nor the cleaning products pose any sort of risk. We help you ensure that the toddlers can explore and play around and help keep your peace of mind intact.


Medical offices
We offer front line protection for those who are in the front line protecting us. Whether it’s medical labs where there are infected samples and contaminated countertops, or ensuring that any patients coming in for treatment are in a clean and safe environment, especially those susceptible to infection. We recognize the level of caution required in this setting and incorporate the same in our routine.

As you teach your students about cleanliness, we effect the same in the places where young minds are molded. Students come from different places and vastly different backgrounds, making it paramount to have routine cleaning and disinfecting in the classes, cafeteria, library, recess areas, and the faculty offices. One ill student could spell disaster. We make sure that that is never the case.


Shopping centers
Malls and shopping centers see hundreds of visitors every day. With this comes a constant exchange of goods, money, and handshakes. There is also the littering and leftovers that can lead to bacteria—which can be spread by the same people. We provide top-down cleaning services, covering all areas including the highly contaminated escalator rails and push/pull doors.


Manufacturing Facilities You do not want to ship out infected products. We offer professional cleaning services that are highly catered to machines in the manufacturing process.


With more and more people wanting to stay fit, gyms are a hotbed of activity. All the equipment is shared, and most routines include the use of different equipment. We offer professional cleaning and disinfecting services for the array of gym equipment. We also disinfect the floors, benches, and showers, neutralizing the body fluids present in these areas.


Like schools, churches see people from all walks of life congregate in one building. Several items are passed around. Our cleaning services take this into consideration, and we disinfect the audio-visual equipment, offering baskets, benches, etc.

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